In the oceans at the southern end of the continent live horrible fish-people known as the Sahuagin. The Sahuagin, as far as historians know, are at least as old as the Elder races, older, perhaps, than the Elves themselves. They are an extremely dangerous and violent species, in constant conflict with the peoples to the south.

The typical Sahuagin is a large green anthropomorphic fish, with webbed feet, hooked claws, and an enormous mouth full of pointed teeth. A fairly common mutation has four arms and stands taller than a typical human.

The Sahuagin are predators. They come to the shores of the south in large raiding parties, ripping the flesh from any creatures unfortunate enough to cross their paths. But they aren’t total savages; to the contrary, they have a complex underwater culture. Sahuagin also show a great penchant for magic; they boast some of the most powerful spellcasters on the continent.

Ryan Says:
I don’t know if I can verify any rumors I’ve heard about the Sahuagin, but I can say they are scary enemies to face. They look like man-sized combination of a barracuda and a Gremlin, and have a worse disposition than either. They also love the taste of warm flesh.


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