The origins of ogres remain a bit misunderstood in the Land of Four wars. They did appear sometime during the third age, and claim some ancestry related to the Giants, but seem to have branched off so heavily that the people regard them as their own species. The most common theory attributes them to some kind of crossbreeding experiment gone terribly wrong in the War of the Giants. Giants have much longer gestation periods than either Dwarves or Humans, and the Giants numbers grew thin at the end of the War. Ogres remain compatible with all three races, and giants weren’t above experimentation _…(leading to some unfortunate implications for captives and slaves of the Third War).

No matter their origin, Ogres are disgusting. Typically, they stand several feet higher than an Elf or human, with thick limbs, and horribly bloated bodies. They usually have skin covered in pus, rotten food, or even excrement, and they have drooling, glazed-over faces. Many ogre families have a handful of birth defects passed back and forth. They often go through some grotesque changes in their lives; men age rapidly, and quickly go blind or lose their teeth, while ogre women who bear children become increasingly obese (often to the point of immobility).

The thing people really fear about Ogres is not their appearance or their filth, but the horrors they inflict on others. While they’ll eat nearly anything, Ogres have a special fondness for the flesh of sentient creatures, especially the young and the weak. They often make raids on travelers or vulnerable farmsteads in the search of meat. Worse, Ogres can (and will) breed with basically any humanoid, and reach sexual maturity at a very young age. Because they age the die so quickly, most are expected to capture and breed with outsiders to keep their families going_(that is, when they aren’t fucking each other)_. Even when they don’t use captives this way, they still subject them to all manner of humiliation and brutality. Ogres show a surprising amount of creativity when it comes to cruelty.

Ryan Says:
Don’t seek Ogres out. Hell, don’t even fight them, just run. These disgusting freaks do horrible things to the people they capture. Ogres are the back-woods, B-movie white trash of the continent, with all that that implies. Every story I’ve heard or seen involving ogres sounds like a cross between Deliverance and Juggernaut. Luckily, Ogres are stupid, and shouldn’t be too difficult to avoid.


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