Dallyn is known as either the Northern Continent, or the Land of Four Wars. It is inhabited with the typical high-fantasy fanfare, such as Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, and Hobbits. Aside from that, it’s a land with a history of bloodshed and turmoil. Old grudges have not yet been settled, and Earth itself has been wounded by the destruction.

The History of Dallyn is divided into four ages, each of which was ended by major continent-wide warfare:

  • The First Age was a time of myth, ended by the Gods’ War.
  • The Second Age The second age saw the birth of the Elder races. This age heralded many new discoveries, but it too ended in violence, in Drow War.
  • The Third Age saw prosperity between the elder races and the emergence of the old races. It was ended with the invasion of the giants in War of the Giants.
  • In The Fourth Age humanity spread and grew, claiming most of Dallyn in the process. Their desire for dominance and power ended with Witchwar.

Humanoid Races
Dallyn is home to a variety of human or human-like races, each of which have their own cultures and cultural divisions.

Monstrous Races
Let’s save ourselves a lot of existential chatter about what it is that does or doesn’t constitute a monster: Dallyn is a dangerous place, filled with all manner of strange creatures. Since Earth’s boundaries were weakened during the last war, there are more bizarre beings on the surface of the world than I could bother to collect information about here. Instead, what I’ve listed are the more common or more humanoid monsters, the ones that at least have some semblance of society. Ironically, it is these more humanlike denizens of the continent that are usually guilty of the most atrocity. I’m sure there’s some lesson in that which I should be considering but….did I mention I can do magic now? Boom! Boom! Thunder! YAY._

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