Dan, of Ohio

A ranger of questionable judgement with a hawk and a rowing problem.


HP: 36/36
STR: 13
DEX: 15
CON: 14
INT: 13
WIS: 10
CHA: 7

AC: 15 / Touch: 13 / Flat-Footed: 12
Fortitude: 5 / Reflex: 6 / Will: 1

Melee Weapon: Greataxe
Attack Bonus: +4 / Critical: x3
Type: Slash / Range: Melee /1d12+1

Ranged Weapon: Longbow
Attack Bonus: +4 / Critical: x3
Type: Pierce / Range: 100ft / 1d8+1

Visually, Dan is of mixed Caucasian and East Asian descent, about six foot two of medium to heavy build, with short unremarkable black-brown hair and a square jaw. His outfit is a fairly standard ranger’s outfit over whatever’s convenient, accessorized with a forest green cloak and hood, plus fowler gauntlets for handling Trevor, his hawk companion. Somewhere strapped on his back are probably his longbow, quiver, and greataxe, in addition to random other items. A flask of ale is usually strapped where one would usually find a canteen or such.


Collector of molded plastic transforming action figures, the college student-athlete that was Dan hailed from a rusting Ohio rivertown and languished in hapless mediocrity, a lower-level rower even after six years of experience in both high school and college rowing and a mediocre, procrastinating student. Normally, this sort of combination tends to equal action hero or somesuch upon the encountering of a fantasy-world-transporting plot device. Normally.

Dan appeared without warning in the world of Dallyn on a day that would fail to make any sort of impression on either the world or him to the point of an almost complete lack of memory of the event. Wielding a rowing speedwrench as an improvised weapon, the bumbling Dan, brightly demarcated by his quite high-contrast varsity jacket, managed primarily to get his butt kicked and captured, not necessarily in that order.

Many repressed memories and plot contrivances later, Dan, now a trained ranger so far as he can argue, operates out of the town of Clearhaven, possibly psychologically damaged by the event, possibly damaged from the astounding amounts of ale he has consumed, taking entirely too much advantage of Dallyn’s lack of regards for any sort of drinking age. Either way, he remains a bit humorously loopy, and quite often talks to his non-speaking companion hawk, the curiously named and unfortunately non-magical Trevor. Much to his disappointment, the number of people in the entire world that would even remotely understand the reference regarding his Cooper Hawk’s name can likely be counted on one hand. Two, perhaps, but probably one.

Despite its almost complete opposition to his traditional first-person gaming style of years past, shooting things at a distance is Dan’s preferred means of combat, out of a nagging fear of some stupid little thing called dying; Dan is understandably terrified of dying of any means perhaps aside from alcohol poisoning or being chased off a cliff in the style of Monty Python, and, though he has yet to display this characteristic in battle, is quite likely to abandon a battle early if the odds look particularly disappointing. He won’t hesitate to bash or cleave heads should the need arise, though.

To make things even more depreciating, Dan is utterly terrible at most puzzles requiring overt amounts of mental skill, despite his claims of intelligence; neither his intelligence nor charisma seem to have done much in his favor. His one recorded attempt at being the Bad Cop half of a Good Cop/Bad Cop interrogation backfired comically. Indeed, his only saving grace more often than not tends to be that by virtue of being the resident loopy ranger and pseudo-sniper, he does, coincidentally, tend to often be the one to randomly survive when the rest of the party has taken a beating, and has saved the party at least once due to fortuitous timing. Still, Dan, though seemingly unwittingly embracing the dumb jock archetype, remains at the very least a reliable source of fired arrows whenever necessary.

Dan, of Ohio

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