Grok Grok

Rehabilitated wild goblin who now serves as tank/comic relief for Personal Heroes.


Grok Grok raised with goblin buddies in group of goblins. Grok Grok not know who Goblin father is, but presume he very handsome goblin man. Female Goblin who raise Grok Grok and buddies is song screamer. She scream loud, and a lot. Grok Grok had very tasty childhood:), eating many many people. Then Ogres come, they eat most of Grok Grok’s buddies and take all the tasty people away. Grok Grok and remaining friends follow Ogres to get leftovers, which are not so tasty.

Then Grok Grok and friends attack Corey and Lena and Tom and Tamira and Dan, but they are very tasty in battle. They kill Grok Grok’s buddies :( and then Corey say “Leave one alive for questioning!” and it is lucky Grok Grok! Then show them where ogres are and Lena gives Grok Grok fleshies burned on fire and Grok Grok enjoy them. Then crazy scary ogre attack with bad dyejob and big hunger and mannish gait. Grok Grok ran.

Later, Grok Grok find more Goblin buddies attacking city, but decide to help humans so they give him tasty burned fleshies. Dwarf with large udders give Grok Grok libations and say “Hey honey, let’s go kill some ogres.” Grok Grok not like Ogres, so decide to help. Then, no goblin buddies want Grok Grok:(, so stay in city and join Crimson Tabard:)!!!they teach Grok Grok to wear heavy armor and use very large shivs. But then no one hire Grok Grok because they think they get eaten.

Then Lena come! And she make friends hire Grok Grok to be a shield of meat because their men have bones of glass and flesh that is very very squishy, so they hide behind women and Grok Grok. Grok Grok loves new friends and stabs very hard so they not become meat. Lena is very tasty to Grok Grok and gives him many nom noms. Corey is very blahblahblah, but heals Grok Grok’s stabholes and tells Grok Grok what to do when stabbing starts. TomTom is supposed to be smart, but he never says smart things, so Grok Grok unconvinced. Dan always says ‘yay’ when Grok Grok gets stabholes, so Grok Grok make secret list and move Dan to top. Tamira not like Grok Grok at first, but then join Lena and begin giving Grok Grok nomnoms and acting tasty because all the ladies love Grok Grok:)!!!!!

Grok Grok

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