Master Topkin

Gnomis wizard and owner of Odds'n'Ends


Master Topkin is a gnarled forest gnome (putting him below waist height on most humans) with gnarled grey skin, bright hazel eyes, and close-cropped white hair. He wears a lumpy brown hat, and an ever-shifting variety of gaudily colored clothing. He holds a shiny black cane, which houses a a deadly Albeit poorly wielded sword.


Topkin Fizzlethorpe was born on the road. As Forest Gnomes, his parents were bound to travel the world in search of…well, pretty much searching itself. By the time he was old enough to curse, Topkin had encountered too many races and magics to be counted. As a bright and highly-motivated gnomeling, Topkin studied magic with his mother, eschewing the traditional academies in favor of a more well-rounded education (aside from that, he couldn’t imagine staying in kalia long enough to stay in school). So, by the time he struck out on his own, Topkin was a competent and well-versed student of mystic lore, and made a killing searching down rare and unusual magical components.

It was in the pursuit of displacer beast droppings that Topkin first found himself completely overwhelmed. While a competent and knowledgeable wizard, Topkin was not experienced in the realms of magical combat, and found himself completely overwhelmed. Thus it was, escaping from the creatures(along with his trusty firecat) that Topkin first ran into Ryan and Madam Juggs, and quickly joined them in their pursuit of treasure. Several years later, when they’d all accumulated enough power to stake a claim in the world and enough gold to buy a small village, they agreed to part ways.

While visiting Madam Juggs in the newly-developing Clearhaven, Master Topkin realized that Clearhaven, located alongside farthing road and the great serpent river, was the absolute perfect location for a salesman of magical components, thus, Odds’n’Ends was opened. The location allows Topkin to act as a traveling merchant to a great deal of the midlands, but still keep his shop going for regular upkeep (usually run by his apprentice Milo).

Master Topkin

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