Madam Juggs

Vodka connoisseur, owner of the Rusty Plothook




Madame Juggs was born to a moderately wealthy family of Hill Dwarf traders who made their way in the world carting “spices” between Kalia and the South Lands. Her real name is unknown to her friends and companions (and perhaps has been forgotten by her), but she frequently travels under the pseudonym of Anastasia Beaverhausen. As she grew older, and made her own way in the world, Madame Juggs soon realized that moderate wealth wasn’t going to be nearly enough to support her drinking habits, and so she set off on the oldest, most lucrative profession in the world: Adventuring.

For several years, the good madam traveled the world with A bevy of small companions, most notable of which include Ryan the Arcane Hierophant, and Master Topkin. However, once she made a great deal of dough, she settled down in the city of Clearhaven, setting up the famed Rusty Plothook: The cleanest inn in Clearhaven with the dirtiest reputation.

Madam Juggs

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